Carnivorous plant shop 

Carnivorous plants are a passion worth sharing. On our website you will find many species of carnivorous plants, at affordable prices, for both amateurs and professionals. Our breeding is thriving and we are constantly adding new species. In our carnivorous plant shop you will find toadstools, hooded plants and pitcher plants, among others. All carnivorous flowers are characterised by their exotic and unusual appearance, which will undoubtedly enrich the interior of your home or flat. They are a great alternative to popular houseplants and, despite appearances, are not difficult to grow. If you provide them with the right conditions, you can be sure that they will grow beautifully, healthily and interest your guests.

Carnivorous plants from Barisana's breeding

We pay special attention to the quality of the plants we offer. From the beginning, we grow them in the highest quality substrate for insectivorous plants, which is Pindstrup gold peat moss. Depending on the plant, the peat is mixed with different additives to bring the plants closer to natural conditions. As a result, they grow healthy and to their full potential.

Safe transport of carnivorous plants

When ordering plants, you don't have to worry about shipping. We carefully pack and secure the plants so that they are not damaged during transport. We do not exclude the possibility that a plant may be damaged. If this is the case, we consider each case individually, but you can rest assured that none of them will be left alone after purchase.

Carnivorous plants - the perfect gift idea

Carnivorous plants are an ideal gift idea for a loved one. Growing many species such as sundews or flytraps is not complicated and anyone should be able to manage it. Simply place them on a sunny windowsill and water them regularly. Pitcher plants, which are native to Southeast Asia, and cephalopods are also interesting choices. By choosing insectivorous plants from our shop's wide range, you can be sure that the person you are gifting will be pleased with an interesting and original gift.

Carnivorous plants suitable for the bog

Our shop also offers ready-made kits for beginner growers of insectivorous plants. The kits consist of a suitably selected type of peat - we remind you that these are also plants for the peat bog! - and a pot.

In addition to the more popular insectivorous plants, we recommend taking a look at the lesser-known ones, such as floaters, greaseworts and Cephalotus.

Shop for carnivorous plants with a huge selection of different species

Shop for insectivorous plants with a huge selection of different species All products come in different sizes and some also have their own varieties, for example, we sell several varieties of hoodworts. When choosing insectivorous plants for the first time, the Barisana shop advises looking at the 'Amateur' tab. Plants from this category will be good for starting the adventure with this variety of flora. People who love to own plants, but do not necessarily have a hand in it, should also take a look here. The plants in this category are not too demanding and will certainly work well for anyone!