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Flytraps are probably, next to sundews, the most popular plants among beginner growers. Their cultivation is not complicated and their unique advantage is that their traps close as a result of contact with the insect. The black, highly visible sensory hairs located in the trap are responsible for this mechanism. When they are irritated, the trap closes instantly and thus locks the insect in.


What are the characteristics of flytrap breeding?

Growing the plant in our opinion is easy. At home, it is best to place the plant on a south or west-facing windowsill and provide plenty of water in the saucer, even up to half of the pot. If possible, it is best to water the plants with distilled water or collected rainwater. Tap water may not be suitable for the plant, which may be associated with impaired growth or even wilting. When repotting, remember to use peat with a suitable pH between 3.5 and 4.5.


Repotting and propagating flytraps

When the flycatcher has grown considerably, it is worth thinking about repotting it into a larger pot, taking into account the substrate preferences. If you want to propagate the plant, divide the rhizomes into several smaller specimens. You can also propagate Spotted Flytraps by seed, but this is a more difficult option and does not always have the desired effect. Flytraps can be propagated throughout the growing season, but the plants also need a resting period from November to March.


Sizes of our flytraps

In our insectivorous plant shop you will find flytraps in a range of sizes, depending on your preference and home conditions.

XS - a small seedling, often presented in a 5.5cm pot. Recommended for advanced growers.

S - a seedling measuring approximately 2-4cm, often presented in a 5.5cm pot.

M - a medium sized seedling of a plant in which the characteristics of the plant show in many cases, often sold in an 8cm pot.

L - an adult plant, often capable of flowering. A beautiful, developed plant showing all the characteristics of a particular cultivar.

XL - an adult plant, distinguished by its size compared to others, often more than one growth cone, in some cultivars several plants in one pot. The dimensions given are indicative, depending on the cultivar in question, the insectivorous plants offered by our shop may have different dimensions depending mainly on the particular clone in question.

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