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Sundews are the easiest insectivorous plants to grow and are ideal for those wishing to get started. The plants catch insects using sticky droplets to which the insect sticks. The leaf then begins to slowly wrap itself around the scampering insect. During this time, digestive substances are slowly secreted, which extract from the insect what our plant needs most. A very important note is that sundews as well as other insectivorous plants are safe for children as well as animals! This means that the only creatures that should be afraid of them are fruit flies and mosquitoes, which can be extremely troublesome in summer.

Care of sundews

Growing sundews, as well as flytraps, is simple and fun, so they are an ideal choice for beginner growers. Sundews are exotic plants, so they will need lots of light, warmth. They should stand in a warm and sunny place, preferably on a south, west or east window, while they can spend the summer on a balcony. Water-loving sundews love water, but be sure to water them with distilled water that is free of chemicals and calcium. They should stand in 1 centimetre deep water, the level of which is systematically controlled, as overwatered sundews die very quickly. Every so often, preferably every fortnight, they should be given a break from watering for up to two days. Sundews grow best on acidic and nutrient-poor peat, which resembles their natural habitat.

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