Nepenthes are carnivorous plants native to tropical forests located in Southeast Asia, mainly Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. It is from the Barisan mountain range located in Indonesia that our online shop takes its name. Pitcher plants are divided into lowland, hybrid and mountain plants. The latter should mostly be provided with better conditions close to the natural environment. The plants have long leaves ending in whiskers, at the end of which are pitcher-like insect traps. The inside of the pitcher is filled with digestive fluid and the lid protects it from rain, which would dilute the digestive substances. The lid and its rim are covered with a sweet substance that attracts insects. Sitting on the slippery rim, attracted insects fall into the pitcher plant and are digested.

How to grow pitcher plants?

Growing pitcher plants, like capturines, is not easy and requires a little more commitment from the grower. It is important to remember to replicate its natural habitat as closely as possible. The most important thing is an acidic, permeable substrate consisting of mixed peat, sand and horticultural perlite. Plants feel best in a bright environment with diffused light, at a temperature of around 18-38 degrees. Pitcher plants need a moist substrate, but unlike flycatchers they should only be watered from above, as leaving water in the saucer can cause root rot. They should also be watered with distilled water or boiled and filtered tap water. They can be grown under room conditions. They react immediately to any mistakes in cultivation. If their requirements are met, they will repay you with a beautiful and impressive appearance.

How to pitcher plants react to mistake in cultivation?

Pitcher plants react badly to full sunlight, tolerating well to diffused light for 12 to 14 hours a day. Kept in the shade, they are delicate and weak, while subjected to direct sunlight they get burned. High humidity is important in their cultivation; overdried they become diseased and are attacked by pests: earthworms, aphids or spider mites. For this reason, some pitcher plants are grown in special terrariums. A permeable substrate prevents root rot.

Pitcher plants in Barisana online store

Pitcher plants are 100% safe for people, children and pets. Although challenging for growers, they repay with a beautiful and original appearance. We invite you to buy insectivorous plants in our shop, we offer many species and sizes. In addition, plants purchased from our shop are well cared for and pest-free, buying plants from Barisana you are guaranteed safe and fast shipping.

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