Pinguicula, in appearance often resembling lettuce, are plants that are native to areas of Mexico, the southern USA and the mountainous regions of Europe. In addition to the striking leaf colouration of some varieties, the main feature of fatheads is the phenomenal flower, individual to each variety. The colours, ranging from white to blood red, can often amaze and delight. Depending on its habitat, hawthorn requires a different soil mix. We divide fatheads into two types. Mexican and cold-hardy. We mainly offer the former, which are also much easier to grow. Mexican fatheads love a highly permeable substrate, in some variants not even a peat substrate is added. The main ingredients are vermiculite, perlite and gravel. These plants are highly sensitive to flooding. You need to remember to water less so that the plant does not rot. In this case, it is advisable to apply the rule "better dry than overwater". These plants grow well at room temperature, more light will be required for colouration. 

The plants are shipped in this way:

Shipping in this way guarantees delivery of the plant whole, as the rosettes are extremely fragile.

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